The Language of Faith

If we are believing God for healing, we don’t say that we are going to be healed, but we say that we are already healed. Our ways and God’s ways are …

The Language of Faith

86 thoughts on “The Language of Faith

      1. My Mother-in-law would say, “happity buth day”, she was a great mother-in-law, gone to be with the Lord now.
        Happy birthday Annetta, God bless you today and always.

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      2. She was! She was very special to me, I will always treasure her for the way she led the man of God in me. She was the first to see my calling, and asked me if I knew my what my calling was, when I told her what I believed, she confirmed it, and helped me to build it up.
        She’s been gone for about 9 years now, but she is still with me in many ways. No wonder I treasure my wife so much.

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      1. Well, His parents are in 🇿🇼 and I don’t think many of his classmates, nor his professors will miss him much, from the Institute. Maybe they will just assume that he left to start his new career🥷

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  1. ‘…Pride can act as a covering and prevent us from getting what we need from God. Pride can disguise itself as knowledgeable and can cause us to come to the presence of God full, so that God has no space to pour into us…”

    There are several great lessons in this teaching, I like this quote, and I can easily see myself as my own obstacle. Thank you for sharing, God bless

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