Our History Shapes Our Destiny

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28
Yesterday I watched a TV programme called Timeless which narrates characters having the ability to travel back in time. Now the “Villain” in the series hijacks a scientific experiment and steals a time machine in order to go back in time and change parts of American history. It is the job of a Historian, a Soldier and a Scientist to fly back in time to stop the evil plot of the Villain.
What is interesting about the series is that the Villain does succeed in most instances in changing small parts of history although often mitigated by the crew that went after him. And each time one small part of an historical event changed, it would change something in the present reality of the stars. In one instance the Historian’s parents never met and her sister was never born.
The series made me think about our own histories and the suggestion that changing anything in our past could actually alter our current reality. One of my favourite phrases from Rick Warren says, ‘Your history and mine are intertwined in an intricate tapestry of events, none of which are outside of God’s control.’
Coincidentally also yesterday I met someone who attended a rival High School to the one I attended and a ton of memories came flooding back from what I’ve considered one of the most difficult times of my life. But what I was able to say and I still maintain despite all of the bullying and teasing and other pleasantries of high school is that I wouldn’t change a thing. That is because I believe that every unpleasant experience is the sum total of who I am today. That I have had a choice to decide whether my past would define me negatively or positively and what I would create with the ingredients that I have been designated in life.
I can either view my experiences with regrets or as lessons learnt. We all know great people today who have done remarkable things who have experienced unimaginable challenges. How is it that they have been able to use the challenges and difficulties to fuel their success. Now I am not promoting a non humanist approach which does not give empathy and sympathy to people who have had difficult experiences. What I am challenging people to do is to choose today what you will make of your experiences.
I believe that how you view your past experiences very often shapes the path towards your destiny. I also believe that if we surrender our lives to God that he can use even the difficulties of our past to create a bright future. God can heal us in places where we hurt and use even the hurts from our past to lead us towards a path that creates lasting impact on the earth.