God’s Power Displayed

When Elijah prayed, fire fell from heaven and consumed the sacrifice. When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, “The Lord—he is God! The Lord—he is God!” (1 Kings 18:39)

Elijah lived in a time when Israel turned their backs on God. The people drifted between two opinions and some served Baal while others served the God of Abraham. King Ahab and Jezebel killed some of the Prophets of God but God spared Elijah to demonstrate who he was to his people.

Because of the wickedness happening in Israel at the time Elijah prophesied that it would not rain except by his word. (1 Kings 17:1). The Lord then hid Elijah in caves because the King was angry with him over his prophecy. The time came when God told Elijah to show himself to Ahab because he wanted to send rain after three years.

Elijah gathered all the people on Mount Carmel along with the prophets of Baal to show them the power of God. He challenged the prophets of Baal to call down fire from heaven to consume a sacrifice that he had set up. The prophets cried out to Baal for hours and cut themselves as part of their ritual but Baal could not respond. It was then time for Elijah to demonstrate to the people that God is almighty.

Elijah prayed and God sent fire which dried up all the water and consumed the sacrifice and even the stones that made the altar. (1 Kings 18:36-38)

What a great and mighty God we serve who will demonstrate his power through us so that the world can see that he is the true and living God. If your faith is being tested and you feel persecuted for the sake of Christ, call upon God to demonstrate his power. God can do greater things and show himself strong so the world can see that he is God.


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