Covenants & Contracts

“And Joshua made peace with them and made a covenant with them, to let them live, and the leaders of the congregation swore to them” (Joshua 9:15).

In Joshua 9, after Joshua and the children of Israel defeated Jericho and Ai, the Gibeonites decided to make a contract with Israel to avoid destruction. They disguised their clothes and travelling equipment to convince Joshua and the leaders that they had travelled from a far away country to meet with them. “So the men took some of their provisions, but did not ask counsel from the Lord” (Joshua 9:14). Joshua and the leaders unwittingly made a covenant with the Gibeonites to allow them to live. They later learnt that the people had deceived them but were bound by their oath which they swore before God.

“But all the leaders said to all the congregation, “We have sworn to them by the Lord, the God of Israel, and now we may not touch them” (Joshua 9:19). As much as they wanted to dispose of them and take possession of their lands, their covenant was legally binding. We have all at some stage in our lives signed a legal contract concerning work or other contractual arrangements. These contracts will stipulate terms and conditions under which we can operate. They may also limit our movement between companies and set out the parameters within which we can operate.

Similarly, there are spiritual contracts that we have formed knowingly or unknowingly with the kingdom of darkness which seeks to limit our movement. There are ancestors who have formed covenants in the realms of the spirit that impact on successive generations. Ever wondered why some illnesses stay in some families for generations? There are often other social issues that are prevalent within a family or region. Some issues affecting current generations have nothing to do with any mistakes that they have made, but are the legacies of decisions made by past generations.

We have to be led by the spirit and seek the guidance of God before coming into agreements with people. Not every contract is worth signing and some agreements can land us into difficulties. Thanks be to God that Jesus shed his blood on the cross of Calvary and forged a new covenant with his blood. We speak to our bloodline and our DNA and we break every evil covenant affecting our family in Jesus Name. We renounce every evil covenant that has been formed knowingly or unknowingly and we speak deliverance in Jesus Name. “And likewise the cup after they had eaten, saying, “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood” (Luke 22:20).


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