Perfect Love

John wrote about the perfect love of God, which casts out all fears, as fear has to do with punishment (1 John 4:18). If God loves us enough, not to spare his own son, won’t he also give us all good things that we need (Romans 8:32)? As we understand and accept the love of God, we can approach the throne of grace with boldness. This is because we know and believe that as children of God, he will supply everything that we need (Hebrews 4:16).

We know that Jesus is our great High Priest, who experienced the same kind of testing and trials that we experience and he can relate to our difficulties. As such, he is seated at the right hand of God and he makes intercession for our needs. As we draw near to God in prayer, we have confidence that he hears and he will answer and meet every one of our needs.

Since our Heavenly Father loves us, we have to love one another (1 John 4:11). The love of God is made abundant in our hearts, so we pray for the unity of the brethren and for God to strengthen the fellowship of the body of Christ. Today let us focus on accepting that Christ loves us, with an unconditional love and has the desire to meet our needs, even before we ask him. We pray for other believers and pray that we be united in faith and in strength. This is because God loves and honours unity. One can chase a thousand but two put ten thousand to flight (Deuteronomy 32:30).

As we stand united together in prayer and lift each other up before God, we are confident that he will meet and supply our needs. In the Acts church, there was none among them in need, because they all saw to the needs of each other (Acts 4:34). I encourage you to pray in this week, that the church will remain in love and in one accord. We declare that God will meet every need. God will supply all that we need according to his riches in glory. He is a loving and caring father, who longs to do good things for his children.


6 thoughts on “Perfect Love

  1. Powerful!I have discovered that when you love someone you affirm them and those affirmations help to improve confidence and destroys fear.
    Perfect love helped a lot in my journey as a young many marred with so many insecurities from my childhood experience

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