Reversing Word Curses

“Jabez was more honorable than his brothers; and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, “Because I bore him in pain”” (1 Chronicles 4:9).

Jabez descended from the tribe of Judah and his mother had a difficult birthing experience with him. His name represented her pain and it would appear that this had a negative impact on his life. Either that or he understood the implications of his name and prayed to avert the meaning this. Jabez prayed this very short prayer unto God, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain!” And God granted what he asked” (1 Chronicles 4:10).

There are other Old Testament prophets who spoke blessings and curses over their children. Isaac blessed Jacob although he intended to bless Esau. This was after Jacob and his mother conspired to disguise him to trick his father into passing on his brother’s blessing. Esau cried out to his father when he realise what had been done and asked him for a blessing. “But he said, “Your brother came deceitfully, and he has taken away your blessing”” (Genesis 27:35). Isaac told Esau that he had made Jacob Lord over him and his brothers. “By your sword you shall live, and you shall serve your brother; but when you grow restless you shall break his yoke from your neck”(Genesis 27:40).

Jacob also spoke blessings over his sons and some of his pronouncements sounded like curses. To Rueben he said, “Unstable as water, you shall not have preeminence, because you went up to your father’s bed; then you defiled it—he went up to my couch”(Genesis 49:4)! He also had harsh pronouncements for Simeon and Levi. “Cursed be their anger, for it is fierce, and their wrath, for it is cruel! I will divide them in Jacob and scatter them in Israel” (Genesis 49:7). Jacob had high praises from Judah and pronounced this over him. “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until tribute comes to him; and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples” (Genesis 49:10).

The blessings spoken over Judah can be seen with both King David and Jesus Christ descending from that tribe. Parents have spiritual authority over their children and the words spoken them from conception and throughout their lives carries significance. Words spoken in anger, frustration and even in adoration can take root and bear fruits. Jabez’s example demonstrates that curses can be reversed. His prayer was simple and sincere and God answered. Other people can also speak word curses over children and adults. This is especially related to people who have some form of authority such as Teachers or Ministers. Through the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of God in us, we can identify and pray to reverse the effects of negative words.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21).


19 thoughts on “Reversing Word Curses

  1. Great word.
    I heard someone saying women are emotional beings as husbands be there when a child is named because the name might come from what they are feeling at that moment😜😜.
    I am referring to Jabez’s situation.
    Is that a fair observation?

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    1. 😂😂I suppose there is some truth to it for Jabez. I’d like to think that most Christian couples in today’s day and age give more time, thought and study to the names of their children. Most people I know do the research and pray for months before deciding a name and they make sure that the name is godly and positive. Perhaps in Old Testament times some mothers have names based on the day a child was born and what may have been happening at the time. Bless you Evidence 🙏🏾


  2. And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel!–because the ark of God had been captured and because of her father-in-law and her husband (1Sa 4:21) Phinehas’s wife was emotionally distraught when she went into labor and just before she died in childbirth. But I think she named her son Ichabod, prophetically because God’s presence was departed from his tabernacle, and also because God had spoken a solemn oath against the male descendant’s of her husband’s family, which could not be reversed. Good Lesson, Sis💕

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  3. And those sown on the good (well-adapted) soil are the ones who hear the Word and receive and accept and welcome it and bear fruit–some thirty times as much as was sown, some sixty times as much, and some [even] a hundred times as much. (Mk 4:20)
    When you plant and where you plant is critical for the growth and development of fruit. Praise God that Jesus has those good roots already firmly planted by God and sown in hallowed ground. He is the vine, we are his branches. We are grafted in and we are blessed with much fruit 🍎 🍒🍑🍍🍓because of His Roots!!

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  4. As I matured as a university lecturer I have grown more careful in what I say to my students. One year I had a student declare repeatedly that he’d fail my course because that had always been the outcome for him. I used the very last scripture you quoted and in front of everyone repeatedly negated his statements. I told him that although he didn’t believe, I would believe for him. He passed the course. He almost cried. He tells me thank you even now. Saw him yesterday as well.

    Also, I’ve spoken negatively in my frustration. When it came to pass and I went complaining to God, He played back my words in my own voice in my mind. It was so clear. It was a painful but valuable lesson. So I’m extremely careful. Even when I’m tired I say it is well. I’m not lying. But if I keep saying I’m tired that is what I’ll continue to be.

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    1. Amen Amen 🙏🏾. God is so faithful and he uses us to shape the destinies of others, given the power and authority that we have been given. That’s a very powerful testimony and exhortation. Bless you and thanks for sharing. 🙏🏾💗❤️💖

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