From Trials to Triumph

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us” (Romans 8:18).

Paul faced much persecution, when he went about preaching the gospel and establishing the church. Paul’s hope was for a future reward in heaven, where the glory of God would be revealed in him. There are also rewards here on earth, for those who do the right thing and we see examples of this throughout the bible.

Joseph had a dream; told his family and was coveted and sold into slavery and then ended up in prison. Fast forward a few years and Joseph is appointed Governor of Egypt (Genesis 37; 39; 41).

Daniel trusted God and refused to stop praying three times a day, when the officials had the King sign a decree to cause trouble for him. This was because the King favoured Daniel and had plans to set him over the entire Kingdom. Daniel was thrown in the lion’s den because he continued to pray, but God preserved him so the lions could not eat him. The men who conspired against Daniel were themselves fed to the lions. After this, not only did the King establish Daniel, but he wrote a decree to make it known, that the God of Daniel is the true and living God who had delivered him (Daniel 6).

Haman set a trap to destroy Mordecai and all the Jews, because Mordecai would not bow to him. Haman’s plot backfired and he was hung on the same gallows, which he built for Mordecai. Mordecai was set over the house of Haman and the King gave him the title, which he had taken away from Haman (Esther 7; 8).

All of these bible stories and many more, serve to show us that trials often come before triumph and major difficulties before a breakthrough. The test will produce major testimonies and this challenge will lead to your promotion. We are in a season of victory and your best days are ahead. Stay in faith and continue to speak what the word of God says. God is turning difficult situations into moments of great destiny and purpose.


23 thoughts on “From Trials to Triumph

      1. Yes, I did write a post on Joseph, I would have like to do one for Daniel, but I may just follow up those posts.
        If you would like to see that series it’s called RTE: Road to Emmaus: Joseph

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  1. Great word I am so drawn to Daniel and I named my son Daniel😀.
    Imagine the environment he was and how allowed God to demonstrate His power through him.
    And at the end the whole nation instituted a statutory instrument that the God of Daniel is the true God.

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    1. Amen 🙏🏾. He has such an excellent spirit and a faith that wasn’t easily daunted. Imagine continuing to pray although he knew the decree? I love his twenty one day fast and his refusal to eat from the King’s table. His presentation is both gentle yet resolute and radical. I’ve studied his book a few times although I don’t fully understand the end times prophecies. Bless you.


      1. You are right and his willingness ro die for God.
        About the end time prophecies God is revealing them to us.
        Because it was hidden from them according to Jesus Christ.
        So if you care to understand the spirit of revelation and understanding is available to help.
        But I think it requires people of resolve

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      2. Hmmm. In the last two years, I have started having end time revelations about the rapture and the events after around the great tribulation. It seems that even if I want to avoid it, the Holy Spirit will not give me the option to do so. I will continue. 🙏🏾


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